Ocean Spa

Dr. Fish

Set sail for an oasis of relaxation

Would you like to experience a spa day at sea like no other?

From direct transportation from your hotel to our luxurious spa boat, every detail is carefully planned for your well-being. Immerse yourself in serenity with Biopilates sessions and rejuvenating massages while enjoying the gentle sway of the ocean.

Discover the magic of a foot detox with Garra Rufa fish and indulge in the exquisite experience of a Dr. Fish pedicure. Plus, how about refreshing yourself with natural juices and enjoying a light lunch?

At "Dr. Fish Ocean Spa," your day will be a journey of personal care and renewal. Book now and treat yourself to the luxury of enjoying a spa in the middle of the ocean. Your well-being deserves this unique experience. Come and discover it for yourself!



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Dr. Fish

Somos Viajes has prepared a special full day that you cannot miss.


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